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Lucky Lyla
Jameson, Maui Brewing Co ginger beer, honey syrup and fresh lemon 12

Mai Tai
Spiced and coconut rum, peach schnapps, orange juice, pineapple juice and dark rum float 12

Aloha Julep
Bourbon, mint simple syrup, pineapple puree garnished with fresh mint leaves  12


Basic B

Hendrick's Gin, Lillet Rose, mixed berry simple syrup and soda water  12

Livorna Limone
Tuaca, sweet & sour, simple syrup with fresh lemon 12

Habanero Mule
Absolut vodka infused with habanero chilis and Maui Brewing Co ginger beer 12​

Irish Thin Mint
Jameson, Bailey's, creme de menthe, cinnamon syrup and cream 12

Cold BREW'd Martini
Jameson Cold Brew, Bailey's, Kahlua and Tuaca 12

Ay Caramba
Sauza tequila infused with habanero chilis, triple sec, sweet & sour with a salted rim 12

Absolut, Malibu coconut rum, razzmatazz, blue curacao with cranberry and pineapple juice 12

Dirty Pickle-tini
Absolut, fire pickle juice garnished with fire pickle and olive 12

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